July 22, 2013

Everyday Beauty - Leslie

Meet Leslie! 

I met her during my cooking class in Florence. She is from Guatemala, and was taking some time off to travel before starting college. She seemed to be best friends with Ane, and I had to ask if they knew each other before this trip because they seemed that close. They were always giggling, teasing each other and speaking Spanish during class like they've known each other their whole lives. 

It always seemed that Leslie's wide, Julia Roberts' smile and bouncy hair seemed to enter the room before she did. Yet, when she got in front of my camera she really came to life. I didn't have to coax her to be brave. She spun, and smiled and strutted like a real natural. It was then that I really saw that beauty may start off about something external, but it's always about confidence. 

It seems Leslie already knew that. 

Below is the series, one of my favourites yet. Enjoy! x