July 25, 2013

Book Pick - The Lost Girls

For those bitten by the wanderlust bug, this week's book review will either have you packing your bags, or sending in your two week's notice.

The Lost Girls follows the real life story of three New York women who quit their jobs, boxed up their apartments, put their relationships on hold and took a year off to travel around the world. The 365 day journey took them to South America, Kenya, Southeast Asia, India, New Zealand and Australia.

Each chapter tells a travel story from a different girls' perspective. From cockroaches in Kenya and car accidents in Australia, the stories are candid and immersing.

Two out of the three girls used to be magazine editors in Manhattan so the book has that punchy, laid back narrative like chatting with your best friend while on vacation. While most people wouldn't have the guts to take off an entire year (myself included), reading this book makes you wonder what path are you exactly following? At 28 years old, these girls knew they were supposed to yearn for marriage, a house and babies, and yet, while they all did on some level, their desire to travel and explore the world came first.

The Lost Girls will have you wondering why you didn't start planning sooner?