June 7, 2013

The Daily Pleasures - Florence - Travel Diary Part 3

While travelling, expect the unexpected.

Barely a week into my trip, my phone has decided to self-destruct. While I am equipped with other modes of communication, it is a very unsettling feeling to not have your main lifeline of communication thousands of miles across the world. While I enjoy my independence, I do take comfort in the way that technology keeps me tethered to the people back home. Whether it's an email, text or photograph, I need that connection.

Beyond that annoyance, I am relishing in the little moments here in Florence.

Things like: finding the perfect stationery shop; feeling diminutive next to rivers, bridges, sculptures and churches; eating gelato for dinner; drinking red wine on the moonlit evening streets; the way my tongue curls to Italian words; and getting lost, and then found around my living area.

Below are some photos from my first week. This weekend I am off to Cinque Terre!

Happy Weekend! x

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  1. haha had a feeling your phone would fail you. Everything looks amazing. Have the best time in Cinque Terre! :)