June 1, 2013

Not A Model Takes Off..

I recently read the New York Times article, "Yes, Please | Party of One" about the joy of solo travel.

The author Andrew O'Hagan explains, "I want to think new things on holiday and the best way to do that is to go it alone, allowing yourself a space — a beautiful space, with any luck — that is circumscribed neither by your need to perform nor your need to blame. Get up when you like. Skip as many museums as you like. Eat or don’t eat. Dance or don’t dance. Swim far out if you want to. Drink Champagne at breakfast. Write a paragraph if you have one to write. Say nothing for days and dream of home. Keep the light on all night."

Besides last summer's New York City adventure, I've never travelled anywhere for an extended period of time, completely solo. (I prefer the word solo to alone. Alone sounds, well, lonely.) While some people would never want to try it alone solo, somehow this milestone seemed to make it on my life list. The so-called "mid-twenties" can be a challenging time period to plan trips with other people. Finances, wedding planning, rent, and career commitments are all factors when asking other people to take off with you.

So I decided to head out anyways. With a full suitcase, my laptop, a travel journal, a recipe journal, a camera, a phrasebook and a passport full of nerves, I've departed for Italy for a five-week self-imposed, solo-adventure.

I'm not sure how the blogging will commence overseas; how the Wi-Fi situation will work with my sputtering white MacBook; how the time difference will affect posts, but I will try my best to document my journey when I can.

I also hope to make at least one friend, learn to have a full conversation in Italian, work on some creative writing and create my own recipe journal.

To keep in touch in-between posts, catch me here.

Wish me luck! x


  1. So exciting!! Enjoy your time and your solo-ing. Be safe and be brave!

  2. Ahhh, this is amazing. So proud of you. So excited to read all about it :)