June 18, 2013

Everyday Beauty - Merve

Meet Merve!

Merve is from Germany and she is also studying Italian in Florence for a portion of the summer. While we are not in the same class, (Merve speaks much better Italian than I) we met on a trip to Cinque Terre a couple of weekends ago. I also run into Merve often at our local cafe where we both seem to enjoy a daily espresso. When I asked Merve if I could take her photo, she responded the way most people do,

"Oh me? Really?! I don't look good in photos."

I assured her that everyone says this exact thing, and everyone who says this about themselves is very wrong. The Everyday Beauty series is about capturing people in a natural state: staring off into the distance, walking down a cobblestone street, enjoying a laugh with a friend. It's about noticing something special about someone. For me, I noticed Merve's relaxed approach to style and killer sunglasses.

I took these photos as we waited for the next train, and while they are a little grainy (the sun was strong and I couldn't quite see the final results on my screen) I loved Merve's positive attitude towards the whole thing. x

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