June 12, 2013

Everyday Beauty - Maria

If you read Not A Model lately, or browse Instagram you may wonder who takes the few photos that I appear in.

The answer is Maria.

Maria is my new roommate at my Italian apartment in Florence. She is from Thessaloniki, Greece. As I mentioned in a previous post, Maria is a civil engineer, who abandoned that career to follow her artistic passion for making jewelry. She launched her very own brand, called My Precious in Greece and has since been working full time to create her line. (I've already placed my order for a new necklace).

Despite my initial fear of living with strangers in a foreign country, (cue the possible nightmares), Maria is a gift of a roommate. She is thoughtful, funny and kind; the type of person who would always attract new friends. Maria likes to drench herself in bright clothes and accessories, with a girly flair for bows, ribbons and patterned pants. She is statuesque and beautiful, with wide expressive eyes that easily give away her feelings. Italian men love to discount all items for her as she walks by.

Though there is a slight language barrier between us, (she speaks mainly Greek, but also English and a bit of Italian), it seems that talking about relationships (she tells me all about her Greek boyfriend), dessert (she indulges in my gelato fixation) and window shopping (we can't seem to get enough) is universally translatable.

Below are the photos I took. Enjoy! x

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