June 21, 2013

Italian Cooking Class - Homemade Tagliatelle

It's been a sweltering week here in Florence (35 degrees everyday) and while I've nearly melted, the highlight of my week was making homemade tagliatelle in cooking class.

We had a new chef in this week, since our original teacher was sick, and chef Dado meant business. While I've documented making homemade pasta on the blog before, this time felt more grueling than usual, as we were without air conditioning in a classroom with one fan.

And yet, while kneading the dough and cutting the ribbons of pasta, I couldn't help but wonder, why go through all this trouble if you can just buy it?

The moment I tasted the results: fresh, light, shiny egg noodles, my opinion changed. You go through all this "trouble" because it tastes a hundred times better than anything you can buy in a bag.

I also feel like I've been putting on some pounds, (more on this preoccupation with weight that I've concluded seems to be very North American) but there is no real way around it. When you're in a cooking class, you eat everything that is prepared. When you're in Italy, you taste everything in sight.

Below are photos from my class! Hope you enjoy them & have a safe and happy weekend! x 

                                 ^^ Apparently this is my pained expression while making pasta


  1. holy this looks amazing! You need to teach me!

  2. Haha I remember that face! Lol Looks incredible Amosh, can't wait to be inviting for tasting!!