May 31, 2013

Welcome to Florence! - Travel Diaries I

The last time I was in Italy for an extended period of time was when I was 17.

It was for a three-week Italian course with my best friends. It was the first trip without our parents, and my first taste of unadulterated freedom. Translation: drinking illegally in tiny bars, pretending to be asleep when our teachers came for "night check," riding in gondolas with boys, and obsessively turning the wheel on our disposable cameras.

Now, almost a decade later, it's a bit different. I crave creative inspiration, double-scoop gelato and the temporary removal from a city desk job. 

My first two days in Florence have dispelled my outlandish nerves. I've already made a few friends, (cross that off the list), including my new roommate Maria, a former civil engineer turned fashion and jewelry designer from Greece. 

While here, I will be taking a language course and a cooking course. Today, I started both, and after a written and conversational test, I was put in the beginner's class. Although I've taken many Italian classes in my past, I get extremely bashful when speaking out loud in another language, in a group. Thus, the director put me in a class where I can work on that. I already felt more confident ordering an espresso macchiato this morning. 

My cooking instructor speaks only in Italian and even gives us our recipes in Italian!? I don't know why I assumed it would be in English. Today I learned that noce moscata means nutmeg, and cipolla means onion. It's more instructional than hands-on, and today we learned how to make tiramisu and cannelloni al forno. 

I also went to an Italian grocery store as eating out everyday isn't a thrifty option for 5 weeks when my apartment has a kitchen. I also had my first gelato (fragola - strawberry and nocciola- hazelnut) and tested out my camera skills around my living area. 

Below is my first photo diary from Florence! Enjoy. x 


  1. So excited that you have Wifi! Looking forward to the rest of these Diaries! XX

  2. Love the Centro Scuola reference but love those photos even more!!!!!! Everything looks amazing!

  3. ENJOY!! looks amazing!