May 1, 2013

Spring in New York - Not A Model Travel Diary

This trip to New York was the most confusing because of the season. The warmth of spring felt almost like summer, minus the humidity and bareness of the bod. It felt the most like old times compared to my fall and winter visits.

Upon my arrival we floated up to the roof to drink beermosas (exactly what it sounds like) and we all chattered about the gaps of information and anecdotes that you don't get via distance communication.

I discovered that in Greenpoint you will find a secret Thai restaurant in the basement of a bar. And only there will you inform your friend while she heads to the bathroom that you absolutely need to order dumplings, right now, at 1:30 a.m., before you head to the next place.

During the day, we ate pizza like we were in Naples, but more like the West Village. I also took Jules to my favourite secret (or not so secret) surf shop turned cafe patio that I used to frequent on my weekdays off in the summer. Ridiculously attractive surfer males, included. Always.

The weather brought Motown singers expanding their lungs on the sidewalk streets, and pink litter from cherry blossoms that reminded me of confetti from a church wedding.

Just like any other city that experiences the brunt of the four seasons, spring forces everyone back outside to rejuvenate and in my case, reunite.

Below is my first photo diary of spring 2013 in NYC. Enjoy! x