May 29, 2013

Mellow Yellow

When trapped in one's own mind, the best cure is to go outside.

Let the sunshine tickle your ankles. Let the warm breeze lick your face. Let the scent of freshly cut grass smack you in the forehead. Shake some ice cubes around. Listen to the sound. Sluuuuurp anything through a straw. Ride a bike. Pet a dog. Phone a friend to meet you in the park. People watch. Put on a cap and go for a jog. Slick some colour on your lips, cheeks or eyelids. Laugh. Move. Relax.

Forget why you felt trapped in the first place.

These are all the signs of a mellow season, or the road to a better self. I've been working on becoming my better self. Lately, no matter how I am feeling, it seems that the cure is always outside. There are the big decisions (more on that to come) and there are the small decisions; the easy ones. The ones that involve enjoying the small elements of a big world.

Below are some photos Stef took when I phoned a friend (her) and we spent the day hanging around our local park. My hair is also a bit more yellow, if you haven't noticed. (Shirt: Madewell, Sunglasses, Joe Fresh)

Enjoy! x