May 15, 2013

Healthy Reading & Spring Running

It's time to shed.

Spring and the onslaught of summer brings a renewed focus on the body and on life. While January may think it's king for health resolutions, I believe the forcible shedding of everything heavy (comfort food, parkas) reflects the health ideal. The body (at least my body) craves lighter fare and increased movement.

I've recently started upon a new running path by the water that drastically has improved my mood on the city that I live in. While Ray Charles may have had Georgia on his mind, most people know that New York is always on my mine. However, through running by the lake, I've discovered a new found appreciation for Toronto and its beauty. I haven't felt better about this city in months.

I enjoy healthy living as much as I enjoy healthy reading. I also have a desire to become a nutritionist one day or a fitness instructor. Dreams be dreams. Until then, below are my favourite health blogs and websites. Enjoy!

Sprouted Kitchen - Husband and wife, Hugh and Sara show the world their spin on whole foods, through stunning photography and decadently healthy recipes. They also have a cookbook and a cult-fan following that will leave you craving unique recipes like Kale and Slivered Brussel Sprout Soba Noodles.

Chalkboard Mag - Chalkboard mag is the online magazine/blog of Pressed Juicery, a juicing company from California. Their blog features tons of daily content including health recipes, recommendations for natural beauty products, superfoods and how to spot toxic ingredients. My favourite posts are from their guest-editors who range from Jamie Oliver to Amanda De Cadenet.

Thug Kitchen - Writing about healthy eating doesn't have to be prim. Thug Kitchen takes the tough love approach through hilarious posts and unadulterated swearing about food. Their latest post for Guacamole states, "Can't cook, then mash motherf****" (Avoid this blog if easily offended)

The Wellness Warrior - Australian writer Jessica Ainscough was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 22. Since then, she reevaluated her life of partying, drinking and drugs and decided to get well. Her blog is mix of nutritional posts (she's a holistic health coach) and inspirational ones. She also writes about how one's mind can affect their overall being. Positive thinking and living plays a large part on this blog, and I quite enjoy it. - Chatelaine has easily become my favourite Canadian magazine for decor, recipes and lifestyle. As I get older, it seems that Chatelaine's re-branding aligns perfectly with my calmer direction in life. Their online page boasts tons of recipes, health tips and interesting recommendations from doctors and nutritionists.