May 31, 2013

Everyday Beauty - Vanessa

Back when I tried to become an editor and work with contributors, my most enthusiastic writer was Vanessa. Vanessa can make anyone feel like a slacker even on a busy day. She blogs almost daily, interns at a notable publishing house, reads books the way people tweet, and self-published a novel at only 22.

She has an exuberant, uncynical view of life that is extremely rare in young people, like finding a constellation in the sky in the shape of Ryan Gosling's face.

She also has an old soul sense of maturity. She openly talks about how she likes to be at home, and how she loves being with her family. There is no FOMO for her; no desire to be at some crowded, fake event or win a popularity contest. She's honest, and you can see no fear in her lovely almond-shaped golden eyes.

In a Thought-Catalog world of jaded twenty-somethings, Vanessa is all, hey people, life is great - let's take it on!

You can't help but want to dream again.