May 16, 2013

Everyday Beauty - Nicole

If Katie Holmes and Kate Middleton ran at blazing speed and morphed into each other, it would result in Nicole. (In my celebrity-hybrid opinion).

A recent art history graduate, Nicole spends her days working at an art gallery in Toronto’s Distillery District. Despite her title as a “gallery girl” she is nothing like that Bravo reality show with the same moniker.

With alabaster skin and golden eyes, she is undoubtedly a classic beauty. While I don't like dropping people into categories (what does "classic beauty" even mean, and who does it exclude?), it's hard to get past her striking appearance and stature. However, the moment she speaks, it is clear that her gregarious personality and warm laugh could easily make a King, or that boy across the lake fall in love with her.

Below are photos from our shoot in the Distillery District. Enjoy!