May 8, 2013

Everyday Beauty - Naho

You know those people, who sit around and gossip and complain the whole time you hang out with them and when you leave, you feel depleted and irritated?

Hanging out with Naho, or Na (as I affectionately call her) is the complete opposite of that.

Being around her is like doing a yoga class, while day-drinking in the sunshine, while laughing at a hilarious movie, while drinking your favourite cup of coffee, get the idea. You feel happy and energized because she has good energy. The kind of energy that spills out and makes you want to be a more positive, outgoing and happier person. (I rarely have met enough people like this). When I moved the New York, she made the effort to take me around during the day on her days off because she knew I didn't know many people.

While she may be small, she is the mightiest. She's originally from California, has been on exchange to Australia, has parents who live in Hawaii and now lives in Brooklyn. She furiously bikes across the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan, where she weaves through gridlock traffic and pedestrians with ease and control. Do you EVEN know how hard that is? She has a kind, welcoming face with graceful features, and hair that is always spun and pinned, and arranged in a way that can't quite be duplicated; not that she would want anyone to.

You see, she embraces being different in a way that only makes people want to be just like her. In any case, we're all better for just knowing her.

Below are some photos (I forced her to take) when we went for coffee before one of my flights back home. Enjoy! x

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