April 9, 2013

Weekly Mantra - Inaction Is A Choice

I was chatting with a friend about taking action, creating change and leap frog leaping, when I immediately gave 50 reasons why taking action and making choices isn't necessary. Sometimes it's best just to let things be.

While I rationalized my thoughts fears, she told me that my inaction was also a choice. I was confused. Isn't inaction just remaining in your present state? Isn't it just living the same way you always have? That's not really choosing.

No, she said. You are still making a choice, instead it is one to not act. Inaction is a choice.

It's like this: there is an orange and a banana on the table and you are so agonized by the nutritional value of Vitamin C versus potassium that you believe that by not eating either, you haven't made a decision at all. However, not choosing is a choice in itself. (Note: this fruit example is mine, not hers)

While this was something that flickered a thousand fireflies in my head, this may be common to most. Duh, Amanda, not choosing is indeed choosing. What planet are you from? The consequences of inaction are rumbling around my world today and I am reevaluating the reasons behind inaction - from safety to comfort to fear. For a more eloquent example than oranges vs. bananas, see below for this week's mantra. Enjoy! x

“The most ominous of fallacies - the belief that things can be kept static by inaction” Freya Stark

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