April 24, 2013

Everyday Beauty - Ali

I originally met Ali when I was volunteering at the PR agency she works at. Since then I've run into her at beauty events and recently noticed on social media that she was into making jewelry.

By making jewelry I don't mean tying beads on a string (not that there is anything wrong with that) but she was into casting, polishing and blowtorch melting her own creations. It all started when she noticed a gap in the Canadian shopping market. She wanted to buy quality jewelry (aka not $6, and won't break or rust) but she also didn't want to spend a fortune. This sparked her to take a local jewelry making class to see if she could make her own. And she could. That one class turned into courses and she now rents out a studio with other artists in Toronto to make her line.

Despite being the long-lost sister of Olivia Wilde (Am I right?!) Ali's beauty does not just rest in her celery-hued eyes or incandescent skin, although it is quite distracting. That is only the surface.

She has a strong sense of self. She's calm and passionate about her work and her life. She works hard, long hours (I know as we share the same industry) but still uses her extra time (as if anyone has any of that) to work on her designs. She even created a wedding ring for a couple in Australia. Her jewelry is classic, beautiful and has that extra bit of care, exactly like her.

I love meeting people who are interested in making new things, solving problems and living creatively. It's the real secret to beauty, I believe.

To check out Ali's creations and get in touch with her, click here, here and here. x


  1. Awesome work Ali your passion for creativity started a long time ago ! Good Luck
    and (((hugs )))) Lise

  2. Congratulations Ali!!! A great article. You deserve to be very proud. We are! Andrea and Bill

  3. Ali, you are a talented girl ... love the simplicity and class. Debadoo

  4. you're such a babe

  5. nice post & lovely photography .. Thanks for sharing with us