April 11, 2013

The Facial Bar - Beauty

I've only had one facial in my life. It was a gift from my friends when I was 16, and it left me looking like a bad burn victim. While I've heard many wonderful things about facials since then (oxygen, aromatherapy) I don't have the bank account to afford that luxury right now. (And I'd rather get a massage).

Here at Not A Model, I like sharing products that I've found (this is not a paid endorsement) that work, and don't hurt skinny wallets.

TRY: Eggwhite Soap!

Soap? You mean a bar of soap for my face? Yes!

This Belgian Eggwhite soap is a facial in a bar. It's infused with chamomile flowers, and leaves your face slick like a varnished porcelain plate. I have used real egg whites on my skin for blemishes because of their natural extracting quality and this is just like that, but minus the slimy mess. Also, I'm a sucker for vintage packaging. Could those girls be any cuter?

For around $12, it gives your face serious spring cleaning without the commitment. I bought mine in-store here, but you can also purchase your own online here.

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