April 26, 2013

A Note to the Weekend..

I purchased the vintage tumblers (above) at a thrift shop in Chicago.

Usually I don’t go for the home section when in a thrift shop, but the moment I saw this pair I had to have them. The price (2 for $10?!) was ridiculous, and they featured real images from The New York Times! THE FREAKING TIMES, also known as my favourite newspaper.

Currently they are just used for decoration, but one day I’d like to imagine pouring homemade gin cocktails in them while griping about a long day. As the glasses clink I will toast, “Cin Cin” pronounced, chin chin) as Italians say.

But for now, let's toast to the weekend.

To the end of April, apparently as T.S. Eliot said, the most cruel of months. To sleeping in and languid breakfasts. To positivity. To bottomless cups of coffee and sunlight slicing through scattered blinds. To immense gratitude. To my amazing cousin Diane who celebrates her 30th birthday today and to New York, where I will be spending this weekend visiting good friends and favourite hangouts.

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