March 12, 2013

Weekly Mantra - On "Elderly" Advice

When I was a smarmy teenager, I thought I possessed the answers to life.

If I didn't have the answer, I just picked up my purple cordless phone and called one of my smarmy teenage friends. We knew everything. My parents knew zip. Definitely forget my grandparents.

As I grow older, I realize that with age comes experience, grave responsibility and deep insight on life. I actually seek out my parents for counsel more than anyone these days, and they usually provide invaluable advice that I turn into blog posts, hold higher than anything else.

Beyond my own circle, I enjoy absorbing all advice-related information from people who claim to know how to navigate life in a positive way after years of learning. I recently found a blog called zenhabits by writer Leo Babauta. He wrote a post with all the life advice he wants to tell his six kids.

Below are two of my favourite points and your mantras for the week. For the full list of advice, click here.

Enjoy! x 

"You are good enough. Most people are afraid to do things because they are afraid they’re not good enough, afraid they’ll fail. But you are good enough — learn that and you won’t be afraid of new things, won’t be afraid to fail, won’t need the approval of others. You’ll be pre-approved — by yourself."

"Learn to be good at change. Change is the one constant in life. You will suffer by trying to hold onto things. Learn to let go (meditation helps with this skill), and learn to have a flexible mind. Don’t get stuck in what you’re comfortable with, don’t shut out what’s new and uncomfortable."


  1. Amanda, I LOVE this post. Thank you so much for this post, it's going to help me through this week and the next,

  2. Love the quotes! But should be offended by the word "smarmy"? lol

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