March 28, 2013

Travel Diaries - Part II - Chicago

Always travel with people who get you.

Stef and I both understand that we don't like speaking to each other until we've had coffee or breakfast. We also like to over-indulge on vacation; no side-salads here. We also don't want to be around the touristy, crowded places of a city the entire time.

After hanging out in The Loop, Stef and I realized that business districts aren't necessarily our weekend style. You wouldn't catch us strolling around Bay St. in Toronto with an Americano in hand on a Saturday afternoon.

So we asked around for a less shiny place to hang out for the day and most people told us to head over to Bucktown. Though it has a rather unfortunate name, Bucktown was just what we were looking for.

It had cafes, vintage boutiques, parks and friendly locals. We were recommended to a cafe called The Wormhole where we finally got a proper caffeine fix. We then proceeded to walk down the street for deep dish pizza the size of our faces, also recommended by friendly folks.

The latter half of the trip we visited The Art Institute of Chicago where we saw the Picasso exhibit. We also went to a 1920s speakeasy and jazz bar which I loved. On the last day we found a Mangolia bakery and stuffed our faces with cupcakes, after stuffing our brains with all that culture.

Below are the photos. Credit: Stef & myself. Enjoy!