March 27, 2013

Travel Diaries - Chicago

"I just want to see THE BEAN," I said.

That was my main draw to go to Chicago, and the fact that I'm always up for a weekend getaway to a new city. I was told only good things from friends about the windy city (which apparently has to do with hot air from politicians not just Lake Michigan winds).

While most people drone on about the architecture in Chicago, once you arrive you realize they really aren't droning. From door handles to street lights, to sculptural entrances - there is careful detail in every single building. We stayed in The Loop, also known as Chicago's downtown business core and within 30 minutes of arriving we found Cloud Gate, aka THE BEAN! Definitely a highlight of the trip. We also took an afternoon river cruise of the city where we learned about the historical background behind the famous skylines. As we froze to death on the boat, (not a good idea in March) all I could notice was a lack of excess. Chicago doesn't clutter you with flash, or bang you over the head with frills. Everything is streamlined. All streets are wide. All alleys clean.

Below are some photos from day one. Note: I felt like a photography intern on this trip, learning from a master. Stef probably wanted to hurt me each time I asked her about my exposure, ISO or F-stop, but she didn't show it. I've just learned how to shoot manually (thanks to her) and I love the feeling of creating a better shot.

Photo credit to Stef for most of the ones below (including the awesome black and white shots) and some are by me. Part II to come! Enjoy x


  1. the cool

  2. I just want to see the bean too lol! Nice pics, looks fun.

  3. LOL you wore a Yankees hat in Chicago? Did anyone try to kill you? haha Overall, lovely photos! I too want to one day see "the bean".