March 14, 2013

Blue Days

I seem to put a lot of pressure on myself these days. I beat myself up the way an adamant chef pounds a raw chicken breast until the piece is translucent, weak and ready.

Ready to be dredged in breadcrumbs. Ready for the touch of a sizzling pan. The hot spit crackle. There is always the preparation.

Perhaps being tough on yourself is a sign that a change must occur. It could be a reason to think about thought patterns and growth. Maybe it's a way to push through to honesty, or a reminder that things aren't right.

Or maybe it's a sign to lighten up a bit. To enjoy the present. To embrace the stage of life, even if it feels off. And so if I couldn't lighten up, I decided to brighten up.

When the sun drenched the city, I wore my brightest coat to meet my best friend for coffee. As we walked, she commented that I strangely matched the construction beams on the street.

Yes, I thought, we're both a work in progress.

photo credit: stefania sgams


  1. You look amazing! These are probably my favourite photos Sgams has taken of you so far!

  2. love this blue dress and it's really looking stunning .. thanks

  3. Fantastic dress and look. Very nice

  4. Amazing fashion blog. Looking so gorgeous.