February 28, 2013

Welcome To Juice City

This post is called Juice City, because that is my current address.

Population: 1

Everyone must sing to the tune of this impossibly catchy summer rap song. Replace "rack" with ju..

Here is how my immune system works as of late. If someone has a cold and they insomuch even glance at me, I'm on bed rest. This is an exaggeration, but it seems that I've been sick more in the past two months than in two years.

Notes on Juicing: 

I know juicing is "the new thing" and cleanses are supposedly popular but I juice with a meal, not in place of. I've been known to faint in very public places (read: church, school, Second Cup) and also have breakdowns in public places if I haven't eaten in numerous hours (read: hangry).

I'm Not A Doctor so consult one of those if you want to do a cleanse, some people find them worthy.

I read a recent Bon Appetit article about this designer who doesn't eat solid food during the day and only drinks juices. Food lovers lost their minds in the comment section. Worth the read for the comments alone.

If you're looking to consume more vegetables and increase energy, I highly recommend investing in one. I sprang back much faster from my latest sickness, since adding fresh juice to my weekly routine.

The above juice recipe is apples, beets, ginger, cucumber and carrots. Lately, I've been juicing monster shade green things.

When home juicing, you must drink the concoction RIGHT AWAY to maximize nutrients!

My hand is in dire need of cream in that photo.

If juicing is not your thing (and you can't believe you just read this far) but you need another pick-me up to end the week, below is a musical playlist that could accompany daydreaming, weekending, pajamaing, gorging on brie, whatever chills you out.

Here's to small steps to getting back on track.

The I Love or Hate Juicing Playlist


  1. Love the dry hand comment but for the record your hand looks fine! I am always afraid to try juices with weird things (i.e. beets, cucumber, etc.) in them.

  2. If you add even one fruit to a vegetable juice it cancels out the taste of the veggies!