February 5, 2013

Not A Model Weekly Mantra - Miss Almost

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

I'm not one to follow advice columns too closely. I don't absorb too much insight from them because I find it hard to really convey a problem on paper to a stranger.

However, I came across Elle's advice column called Ask Miss. E Jean and there was a question/answer that I wanted to share.

This woman called "Miss Almost" wrote in to complain about how she feels that she is "extremely beautiful and intelligent" and yet she is leading a regular, dull, underachieving life.

While I did find this lady a bit self-involved (really, you deserve a better card because you're pretty and went to grad school?) I thought E. Jean's response was rather interesting.

She responded by talking about what makes entrepreneurs successful, and subsequently has provided me with this week's mantra:

"Entrepreneurs who report being happy and who are flourishing (i.e., making money) with their new ventures share expected traits: 1. empathy, 2. focus, 3. talent, 4. luck, 5. creativity. But there’s an element that keeps surprising us.

The surprising element is impatience.

Stop waiting, Miss Almost. The woman who waits for something magical to happen will die beautiful, ignored, and overlooked, curled in her “shell,” jabbering in three languages, never realizing she possessed the magic all along."

So if you have lists upon lists of things you want to do, learn, experience, create or become; it seems the trick is to get working or take a chance. Nothing will be handed over based on how much you think you deserve it.

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