February 7, 2013

Link Love - Not A Model's Favourite Online Spaces

I have a love list of many blogs, sites, personal diaries - what ever you'd like to call them.

To me, they are an endless collection of inspiring work and personal success and I can't help but obsessively click the refresh button.

Wait? You only posted once in 24 hours? (I know this is hypocritical because I seem to lag on my personal blog for days on end).

Without further delay, below is an assortment of just a few of my favourite online spaces.


1. Into The Gloss - For the beauty enthusiast who wants a global, insider view on the best routines, products and trends out there (without the pushy sales pitch)

2. That Kind of Woman - A tumblr that combines men in beards, personal lyrics and pretty girls in forests.

3. Brain Pickings - For the intellectual who has a vast curiousity on life, facts, history and art. Brain pickings is a collection of all aforementioned and sparks new found creativity.

4. Sous Style - For the foodie, who also enjoys reading about good looking people working hard in kitchens. Check out Male Monday - you will add "can cook" to your mate specifics.

5. Matchbook - For the preppy, put-together woman, Matchbook is an online magazine that deems itself, a "field guide to the charmed life."

6. New York Times - Modern Love - My absolute favourite column out there. Readers/writers submit deeply personal essays on their relationships leaving the reader inspired or dejected, depending on the topic.

7. Garance Dore - A Parisian illustrator turned New York fashion insider, who gives her view on life in the big apple, through her sharp photography and drawings.

8. Smitten Kitchen - I'm really into food blogs lately, and I received the Smitten Kitchen cookbook for Christmas. Just scroll, drool and try a few for yourself. The author lives in a tiny, tiny kitchen and still makes challah bread, no excuses.

9. Love Taza - I absolutely can't stomach the words "mom blogger" yet this hip, young mom's family is so cute, you wont be able to stop scrolling. (Note: I also spotted her in New York this summer and had a mini blog struck moment.)

10. Mimi Thorisson - Okay, another food blog (I told you I'm into food blogs) but this is more than a recipe hub. Mimi lives in Medoc, France on a farm, with 16 dogs, beautiful kids and a photographer husband. It's life envy on a whole other level.

Hope you enjoyed the list! What are your favourite online spaces?