February 15, 2013

Everyday Beauty - Mel

To cap off the week, here is another feature from the (long overdue) Everyday Beauty series.

While it seems that I've lost the gumption to go up to strangers and ask to take their portraits, I have to rely on people I know for this series until I get my courage back. Good thing I have some beauties in my life.

You may recognize the above lady, as she's all over this blog. It's my sister. I took this photo of her last weekend. She was walking in front of me and I said,

"Hey Mel, turn around."

And in one shot, she managed to look like that. 

Sometimes it seems that the glossy glossy world would have you believe that only the tall, lithe women warrant attention. However, I've witnessed all kinds of males trip over shoes with no laces to get to my 5ft nothing sister. She even managed to once soften the usually mean guards at airport customs. The guard then questioned how we were sisters and told me I needed to wear more makeup.

All asshats aside, I do sometimes questions which gene pool she swam in.