January 9, 2013

The Tale of Grasshoppers, Ants & the January Push

Skating in Bryant Park NYC
One week into January!

How is everyone with those resolutions? Teeth flossed? Pounds sloughed off? Weekly trampoline lessons booked?

When the champagne bottles lay beside the recycling bin and the only upcoming holiday was imagined by a chubby angel with a personality disorder, things can feel bleak. Therefore, I decided that I'm going to spend my winter the way an ant spends its summer.

Remember the story of the grasshopper and the ant? The ant spends its summer toiling away to have food for winter and the grasshopper just lays around and then when winter comes the grasshopper has nothing to eat and is near close to starvation, and the ant's all like,

"Girlllllllllll, you should've prepped." (this is how ants talk)*

Yes, I know. This time of year feels like the best time to wear old Christmas socks, chomp on cheesy pizza and watch every single episode of Friday Night Lights. Sure, but I say, let's rebel. (Well not against FNL because I love Tim Riggins and that is not seasonal).

The hardcore winter (not that sparkly fake month December) is the best time to reflect. The winter allows a bit more time to work on things like health, hobbies, personal goals, reading and preparing for the latter part of the year.

Think of it as "beneficial hibernation."

Thus far I've signed up for a weekly screenwriting class (more on that to come), joined a 5K relay race with my coworkers in the spring (must start training), resolved to read the pile of books on my floor and will take a break from overbooking weeknight plans. I also find that my morning walk to work which is around 34 minutes (quicker if I've had a shot of espresso) has become a new highlight of my day. I bundle up like a kindergartner mother's dream at recess and set off.

The coldest morning air is like two strong hands that rest on my shoulders and shake me awake.

Yes, shake it up Grasshopper, it ain't spring yet.

*no insects were harmed in the writing of this post