January 30, 2013

Confetti & Coffee Shops

I first met Dallas when I was a nervous, witless freshman during my first week of university.

She was a soph (translation: leader of witless freshman for the largest Frosh Week in Canada) and while she wasn't assigned to me, she was kind enough to chat me up when she saw me confused, or sitting in a large group probably nervously fussing with my hair.

I remember her telling me that she was heading to Africa on an internship that the media program I was about to embark upon, supported. I was away from home for the first time, and this cool girl with the coolest name was leaping off to Africa, while I felt that moving two hours away from home was a huge deal.

I stumbled upon her original blog (before blogging was even a thing) and was excited to read about someone I admired who seemed to have it all together, four years ahead of me (note: best friend husband, creative career, a life in different cities).

We kept in touch via reading about each other's blog adventures and the occasional email. I was delighted when she asked me to be in one of her portrait sessions when she was visiting over the holiday break. We went for coffee before the shoot and she once again gave me just the right dose of life advice to shake me back to something better.

We threw around colourful paper confetti like we were making a Pinterest board despite the rainy, frigid weather and my nerves dissipated. Did I mention she is also a self-taught make-up artist?

Below are photos from the shoot, but head over to her site for the rest of the photos and a fun .GIF she created. Also, stop by her full blog for lovely photography and daily inspiration. You won't regret it!



Skirt & Top - J.Crew | Jacket Mango | Boots H&M
Credit: Dallas Curow