December 17, 2012

The List

While I can list the reasons why I haven't blogged in awhile (it's a busy time of year, the holidays can be overwhelming, I haven't been too inspired...) I decided to create a different kind of list. A little something to cap off what seems like the longest month of the year.

Here's a Not A Model To-Do: 

1. Call your grandmother. If you are lucky enough to still have one, call her. Chat with her. Tell her about your life. She will appreciate it. I called my grandmother the other day for a 10 minute conversation and at the end of it, she said, thank you. 

2. Do something kind. Do something for someone else that leaves you a bit vulnerable. Someone is having a bad day? Grab them a treat at the bakery or tell someone you like their outfit who you otherwise wouldn't speak to. Put yourself out on a kindness limb, and then watch as they react in a positive way, leaving you wondering why you don't reach out more often.

3. Treat yourself. This time of year can bring on the stress of making sure other people have everything they need, or want. Don't forget to treat yourself to something small as a reminder that you should always put yourself somewhere on that long list of people you care about. 

4. Take a news break. While the 24/7 news cycle never stops, I find that sometimes it's best to log-off, shut down and form your own opinions without an audience. Sometimes a tragedy can turn into a tabloid-like sensation and it's hard not to click on every advance, or read the angry person's political opinion on your social media feed. Turn it off. Think about the loss. Go and hug your family and friends instead. Say a prayer (if that is your thing). Don't add to the negative noise.

5. Reflect. Before the big change of year arrives, now is a good time to reflect on anything that has passed. How have you behaved? Do you crave change? It's time to take a step back, without always trying to improve (I need to get thinner, or get a promotion) and think about the character that you want for the coming year. 


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