December 3, 2012

Not A Model Mantra - Isabel Marant

My favourite beauty blog, Into the Gloss always seems to highlight the most interesting people and their thoughts on beauty.

One of the most recent interviews with fashion designer Isabel Marant really encapsulates the way that a designer, or anyone really, should feel about female beauty.

This week's Not A Model mantra comes from Isabel Marant as told to Into the Gloss.

"I’ve always loved the most natural women; I’m not very into hiding yourself. For me, the most beautiful girl would be a girl that feels comfortable with what she is. I’m always asked about what I would recommend, or what a girl should do—but it doesn’t work like that. You have to find yourself and what fits you and what’s good for you, and most of all, feel self-confident. When you see people that are self-confident, they radiate something good."

Here's the finding the fit of self this week.



  1. I absolutely adore this. Truly. Thank you for making my night a bit brighter, Amanda! Sending love x

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