December 31, 2012

New Year - Great Expectations

My last days of 2012 have been spent in the city that changed me this year. 

It only seemed fitting that I came back to New York, or more specifically Brooklyn for the end. I created the above illustration while waiting at the airport for a few hours of weather delays. When I reflect on another year gone, I believe that there was a slight alteration of my inner self (as hokey as that sounds) for many different reasons. Nonetheless, I feel different from the girl who began this year 365 days ago. 

When I think of 2013, the only word that comes to mind right now is disruption. Breaking apart routines. Carving something new. Repeat adventures. Forceful discipline from laziness. Growth. 

The first day of a year brings with it the hope that this time, anything can happen. Wait, everything can happen. Last night, I sat with my friends in our old apartment and we ordered Chinese food and watched Great Expectations. Before the movie even started, I thought about what a great expectation entails. Anything great, any sort of expectation can generally lead to disappointment. Yet, I still believe it's best to think towards greatness than to lower your standards to prevent heartache. 

This year, take what you dream and perhaps make it something bigger than "lose weight in 2013." (Although if that's important to you, that's okay. But try for one extra non-physical addition to your list) 

Happy New Year from Not A Model! Thank you for reading & hope it's the best one yet. x