November 11, 2012

The Everyday Beauty Series - Stefania

I'm starting a new feature on Not A Model called Everyday Beauty.

It will showcase "beauties" - the kind of all shapes, sizes and ages. The kind of people who aren't regularly documented in a glossy or on fancy screens. I will try and capture people in my life who I cherish, and hopefully catch some strangers who are happy to receive a compliment.

First up is Stefania. (Loyal readers may know her as the photographer behind a lot of the content on Not A Model and one of my best friends.)

So why is she an Everyday Beauty?

Well, she has confidence. The kind that tells her hairdresser father to grab a pair of clippers and shave the side of her head. The kind that embraces horn-rimmed eyeglasses as a trademark, before everyone else deemed them cool. The kind that brightly smiles at everyone she meets with zero judgment, despite the fact that people may wrongfully judge back.

You know, that kind. x