November 20, 2012

Not A Model Mantra - Letters of Love

A bit of time back, my friend Kiel sent me a link to letters written by American writer John Steinbeck to his son for my weekly mantras.

The topic of the letter was about falling in love. While the thought of a third party reading a personal letter I wrote terrifies me, I love reading about other people's correspondence.

I'm always interested in the way people interact and teach through words. I believe there are lessons to be found in old birthday cards or travel postcards. In this 1958 letter, John's son had confessed that he had fallen in love with a girl, Susan from his boarding school. John's letter to his son highlights the emotions of waiting and the celebration of declaring new love. I found it intriguing how as a father he never dismissed his son's feelings as infatuation or puppy endearment.

This week's Not A Model mantra comes from that letter and is as follows:

"And don't worry about losing. If it is right, it happens -- The main thing is not to hurry. Nothing good gets away."- John Steinbeck

You can find the full letter here. Also, if you want to submit your favourite quotes, mantras or musings for next week's post - get in touch at: