November 26, 2012

A & the (Technicolour) Dreamcoat

During this time of year, a coat becomes like second skin.

It is now the armour for the deep chill that greets the day and the night with a swift, calculated, hello. It's the first thing that everyone notices. No longer can the summer dress hop and skip and breeze its flimsy song.

I purchased this coat while having brunch in Greenpoint on my last trip to New York. While I had enough items to fill my suitcase, I couldn't pass it up. The structured pattern, the rich, dark colours and the asymmetrical back was just what I needed for the mood of a season that darkens and sheds and gets ready for the bright white.

Stef and I did this shoot a few weeks back and I really trusted her creative spirit by letting her take full control. (Hence the kind of creepy, Vanilla Sky venetian mask she made me put on). While I initially and obviously protested, I realized that a mask conceals yet shows strong details before anyone can see what's underneath. It is just like a coat in that way.

And who am I to get in the way of more coverage?

Photos credit: Stefania Sgambelluri 


coat: BB Dakota, hat: Uniqlo, bag: my Dad's old luggage 


  1. fifth pic down- absolutely gorgeous!! love the coat too :)

  2. You look amazing (as always)! I especially love the hat! And the mask is not nearly as awful as you made it out to be! Good work Sgams!