October 18, 2012

Slow Week, Crimson Lips

This week has been a mix of things. It brought the passing of a family member. The news that a friend will depart on a new adventure without me. A plate of homemade risotto made by someone else's hands. Large baking sheets of rain against car windows. The reminder of my city summer through running into a friendly face. A prickling exasperation that comes from strangers breathing on me in close quarters.

Nothing left me refreshed to write or share. Stef and I did this shoot two weekends ago, and neither of us loved it. I borrowed a tiny bit of inspiration from Diane Keaton in Annie Hall and Taylor Swift's new song/album, Red. Sometimes we all must borrow.

I've been wearing Lippygirl's organic lipstick in "Mother Pucker" a lot this week (and below). Seems to make sense.

I know next week will be fuller, better. Until then..