September 19, 2012

Time, Back, Here - Not A Model Mantra

Where has Not A Model been?

While the below post marked the conclusion of my New York adventure, I haven't said a peep since.

While I have been busy, it's mostly in the business of settling in, not running off to another adventure. I'm back to a life that I don't quite remember how to navigate. I'm back to commuting, back to the suburbs, back to a routine and a city that doesn't quite feel like mine anymore.

From living in a city that literally never closes its lashes, I'm now living in a house where lights go off at 10 p.m. Oh and let's not talk about the dark drives in the morning or how I walk my dog at night and think, "It's too quiet here, like a horror film. Where are the sirens and the chatter and the people who want to hang around until the sun comes up?"

But I did meet a baby. She's my new cousin and Mia is her name. She's tiny and perfect and her main interests include sleeping and stealing our hearts. We've always been a family of mostly girls on my mom's side and she's another one for us to love and love and love.

It's all part of an adjustment, a new phase and a realization of a new self. The summer changed me in a way that I didn't quite understand until I returned. I'm still heartsick for New York, but it's almost Fall and a reminder that my favourite season always feels like a new year.

A new chance.

I guess the minutes are here and we just all have to find something we love to do with them. Beyond everything, lately, my mantra (in French because it just sounds better) and I don't feel like it some days, has been as follows:

"Le temps avec soi," translation: Time on your side.

I keep these giant paper pads by my newly organized nightstand to remind me of time.

How will you take advantage? Below are a few photos. Enjoy! xx

[baby Mia]
[my nightstand]