September 24, 2012

Hair Woes & Horse Tails

Ever since I was a little girl, my curls only worked when they were long. I still daydream of one day getting a bob, or a pixie cut (without looking like Felicity) or bangs. Imagine that! Maybe it's hair physics, but there is something about the weight of long hair that keeps my routine as low-maintenance as possible.

I've blogged before about my recent troubles at the hair dresser and it happened again (well a bit of a time ago) but still. Since the weather is cooling down and long hair will definitely keep everyone's ears warmer, check out a post from The Kit where I decided to take some cues from the horses.

It happened again: another bad haircut.

This time, I let a hairdresser “thin out my curls” to provide some “balance.” It all sounded great at the time even though I’ve been warned never to thin out curly hair.

While it’s not the absolute worst hair cut I’ve received, my hair doesn’t feel quite like itself. It’s lighter, and stragglier in my ponytail and I never thought I would miss the volume of my ‘fro, but I do. I moved to New York over the summer and the heat was unbearable, so sometimes I was grateful for the lightness (but still yearned for a thicker coif).

Cue my new hair best friend: Mane N Tail conditioning treatment for HORSES. While I’ve never succumbed to gimmick products that promise rapid hair growth in the past, I decided to give it a shot. I’ll admit when reading the ingredient list, I spotted coconut oil and that sealed my decision. I have no idea if it’s working, but for now my hair does feel a bit stronger and more conditioned and that’s good enough for me.

I know, it is just hair and by the three-week mark I usually forget that I even got a haircut. I have many other things to focus on, as we all should, until the day I decide to get another (bad) haircut. And then…


  1. Your hair looks great! I don't know what "bad hair cut" you are talking about!

  2. Girl. The next time you're in NYC, repeat this to yourself until you find yourself in one of their chairs: Devachan. Devachan Devachan Devachan. The mecca for curly haired girls. [side note: I have pin straight hair, I know, BUT all of my girlfriends have your kind of hair and all swear by it and they've been on Broadway, so, you know, street cred? :)]

  3. haha thanks so much Kerry! I saw one of those salons in SoHo when I was there in the summer! Definitely will check it out the next time :)

  4. You really look good with you big hair curls. It suits your style and gets you grooved with an amazing look.