September 4, 2012

63 Days

What do we do with the last days of summer?

Do we carry them with us on our beach-chapped skin or write the memories in the paper pages of our minds until the next sun-soaked chapter?

The days when all of a sudden we feel the slight shiver in the air and the sun doesn't beat down so strong. The atmosphere gives our bodies a chance to cover up, layer down. It says, "Hey eat that extra piece of cake, your bikini will make friends with the sock drawer instead."

Plath described this time of year like this: “…the best of the summer gone, and the new fall not yet born. The odd uneven time.” 

After living in New York for 63 days, I'm officially home.

I'll miss the late, latest nights with the best girls, the morning recaps over brunch, sunset rooftop dinners, the way I could discover an entire city just by hopping underground, the slices of pizza that are always bigger than your face, the way that my stomach flipped every time I drove across the Brooklyn bridge, or sat across from the Manhattan skyline; how the energy of this city never calmed down, never stopped coursing through the bodies of those who chose to embrace it.

The ending of a summer, or any sort of ending is like when you were a kid and your mom told you that it was time for bed. Even though you couldn't keep your eyes open for one second longer, even though you knew that it was time, you still shouted:

"Five MORE minutes!"

Below are a few of the last days of summer outfits. The kind that you instantly pack-up once September hits, or change up the variations with darker accessories and bottoms.

Oh and the roof, gosh will I miss that.

Here's to a new season. xx


  1. You look so cute in those pictures! Glad you loved BK but so happy you are home!

  2. Awesome pick! Will you please share your views on modelling. Apart from that, thanks for sharing your pictures, I really liked them all...

  3. thanks for the comments!

    will try to share my views on modelling!