August 20, 2012

Coney Island - NYC Diaries

One of the first things I wrote on my New York summer bucket list was: Visit Coney Island.

I finally made the trip to South Brooklyn with my roommate Jules for a lazy beach Sunday. Despite overzealously checking multiple weather networks for the forecast, somehow the day ended up being breezy and overcast, with a sky the colour of a giant marshmallow. We still wore our bathing suits but ended up walking around the grounds instead of lying out on the beach.

Coney Island exudes a sense of retro simplicity that seems to get lost at other amusement parks. Everything looks a little bit worn out, a little bit abandoned, a little bit muted. There is nothing shiny or corporate rubbing its nose in your face. It's old-fashioned goodness that attracts families, friends, young people and musicians who need a little escape from the city.

The highlights of the day had to be riding the Cyclone roller coaster (and pretty much losing my voice afterward from screaming like a 90 year old lady who's never been on a rickety ride) AND eating my first hot dog in five years from Nathan's famous.

Below are some photos from the day trip. The only good thing about the clouds is they help capture better photos. Additional photo credit to newbie shutter bug: Julia C.

Enjoy! xx


  1. This actually looks like it was so much fun! Definitely want to check this place out next time I am in NYC (hint hint Jules)