July 18, 2012

The Social Caterpillar - The NYC Diaries

Don't move to New York, or even visit, if you don't like humans.

I can't tell you the amount of times I almost end up holding hands with a complete stranger, or how many hairy, scary, sweaty limbs brush up against mine on subway platforms or crowded flights of stairs. 
In this city, I am never alone and yet, I don't know anyone around me. (Okay, I know about 6 people, and three of them I live with). 

I was chatting with my favourite woman in the world, (my mom) about how I didn't appreciate my nice little social circle until I left. Back home, 
I can call up a long list of people and will be able to find someone to tolerate me for a day of relaxation or trouble. But here it's different, and I have to force myself to be a bit more social, a bit more open. 

And so, on the list of "Social-Out-Of-My-Comfort-Zone-Activities-With-People-I-Don't-Live-With" I: 

  • Attended my first beauty event for Lush cosmetics in Manhattan!! (yes, two exclamation marks) 
  • Joined a Central Park running group and then subsequently vowed never to go back to aforementioned running group, but tried to smuggle some nice people from it to create my own group
  • Went on a casual dinner date at a hip Italian restaurant in Brooklyn. (Note: the pizza received my stamp of cultural approval)

And while being anonymous can be a bit daunting, there is a lot to be said for solo-exploring in a city where I never have to worry about running into that person. (You know the person who will stop you on the street to tell you all about their summer plans, and new promotion and ask if you're dating anyone and oh where did you buy that dress?!!)

You see, there is a slow arduous process when a caterpillar goes through stages before reaching its final adult stage as a butterfly. For some reason, I've decided to leave my wings in Canada and spend the summer crawling around and trying to form into some better, friendlier, more out-going version of myself.

And w
hether I gain these wings or not, here's to being a caterpillar.



  1. It looks very beautiful thoo :)

  2. aww Jules and Cam <3 Laughed out loud about when I read about the running group lol