July 2, 2012

Summer in the Big City

I remember spending lazy July days lying in the grass and reading about teen girls who got to have summer adventures.

The premise was always the same. Maybe their mother shipped them off to live in a sleepy beach town with their father and stepmother (despite their protest) only for the main protagonist to fall in love with the shaggy haired surfer who loves to have bonfires and get into loads of trouble.

I never had summers like that. My Italian family all lived (and still does) within a 10 minute radius of one another, so the most adventurous place I was shipped off to was my grandfather's house down the street. My parents were happily married and worked during the days and I spent my summer riding my bike or meeting my friends at giant amusement parks in the suburbs.

I loved those summers, especially the ones that I got to spend with my grandfather, sitting in his backyard picking white cherries and drinking orange soda. While I've also had my fair share of summer vacations, I've yet to live anywhere else for a full two months.

That being said, (and an explanation as to my lack of blogging) I have officially moved out of my Toronto apartment and will be living with my favourite girls from across the bridge this summer...the Brooklyn one that is.

Who knows? Maybe I'll write my own teen summer adventure novel, but first I must try and live it. (Minus the teen part and change shaggy haired surfer to hipster). Just kidding!

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  1. This makes me want to cry! I don't know how I am going to deal with you and Jules in another country! Have a great time!