July 17, 2012

Not A Model Mantra - Jane & Audrey

Of all the things I love about New York and summertime - it's the greenery.

The shade from a tree can be the only refuge from the heat. I've never been exposed to this much constant warmth in a city. The slow, bubbling humidity that slides up my back like a masseuse's hands; the permanent oil slick that has become my own brand of blush.

But more than parks, I love old-timey things. The type of activities that brought people the smallest bit of happiness before we had every other type of stimulation. When watching a movie was a treat and not something you downloaded in your bed, while tweeting on your phone. (Although that can be pretty great too.)

Last night, I scratched one of the items on my NYC bucket list and watched a movie (Roman Holiday) in Bryant Park. I sat in the grass, munched on snacks, drank white wine and giggled at nonsense with my roommates and new friends despite the sweaty scenery. When the movie credits started to roll, people (including myself) stood up to dance and clap and cheer. And just like that, I was part of something. 

This week's Not A Model mantra is from a wise woman and it is all about finding a little bit of joy in the greens, not the blues of a computer screen:

"To sit in the shade on a fine day and look upon verdure is most perfect refreshment. - Jane Austen

Also, if you're looking for a beauty beat for the heat - check out my latest post for The Kit that features ways to combat the oil sludge. Below are some photos from movie night. Enjoy! xx