July 6, 2012

Friends in Blog Places - When Tory Meets Ralph

I'll admit that I have some pretty talented friends. From photographers to writers to event planners, I love to give a shout-out to people doing creative things.

One of my closest friends and co-workers, Jennifer Choy (or Jennybear) as I like to call her recently launched her very own styling blog. If there is one closet I'd love to raid it's hers. When I first met Jenny I told her that if Tory Burch and Ralph Lauren adopted a Chinese baby - it would be her.

Before I took off for the summer, I used to help her photograph her personal shoots and she recently featured me in a goodbye post. I already miss our weekly sushi dinners and iced coffee breaks but I know she's just a text message away when I need advice on what to match with cobalt blue suede flats or how to skillfully decipher a cryptic message from the opposite sex.

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