July 23, 2012

21 days - NYC Diaries

I've heard it takes 21 days to form a habit.

It's almost been a month here and I've been building a new routine that feels like my very own. I've been referring to this apartment as my "home" and sometimes I forget to tell people that I'm only here for the summer...

And I discovered a new cafe that felt like the moment you realize a first date is no longer awkward, and you want to stay a bit longer. And I sat in it for hours, watching people and writing in my notebook and creating and scribbling like I used to do.

And I can't seem to pass by any sort of book stand without picking one up. They stare at me like orphaned puppies just waiting for a new home. And I don't know where my e-reader is because these days I want real books that once sat in someone else's lap or hid underneath lost pillow cases.

And it finally rained, so I picked up and went to the Met for the first time and browsed the 
Schiaparelli and Prada exhibit and bought pretty postcards and thought about the type of woman I want to become. But I couldn't stay for too long, because I don't like the feeling of being lost, especially indoors. 

And on the weekend I had my first (of too many) sake bombs and I sat on rooftop patios with tiny lights sprinkled in the trees and I danced on darkened dance floors like that eighteen-year-old girl who just moved away from home with girls who I feel like I've known forever. And I ate can't-fit-in-your-mouth hamburgers on patio furniture that looked like something my grandmother would own in the seventies. And someone brought up me leaving and it was probably me, because I'm too practical to indulge sometimes.

And I finally called my grandmother because I promised I would and she told me she misses me and to watch out for the "bad people" and then asked me if I met anyone but then not to meet anyone here, because she doesn't want me to stay. I told her that I haven't been gone that long, and she said it just feels like it.

And I understand. 


  1. Another day, another beautiful post. This one might be my favourite NYC post so far, mostly because I am so happy for you that you found that cozy coffee shop, and that you feel like you're starting to come into your own in that big place. Side note: those are the thickest tomato slices ever (on the burgers) - yum!

  2. Love this post!! Love the pictures! Wish I could be right there with you!

  3. hey sweetie - really enjoyed reading this update, i actually felt your feelings and saw your experiences, it is a wonderful time for you, enjoy every minute.

    Zia G

  4. Hi Western, Julia, and Cam!

    Hope you are all enjoying the summer!

  5. What is the cafe in the first image? It looks perfect and I'd love to visit it.

  6. Thanks for the comments! The cafe is called Toby's Estate in Williamsburg.