June 13, 2012

Not A Model Travel Diary - Las Vegas

When I first decided to go to Las Vegas, I didn't really think I would enjoy it. "It doesn't seem like my scene," I lamented. I strongly dislike gambling and I'm not much of a "wild and crazy" party girl but I figured it was a rite of passage. I packed my bags and headed over to the desert with three of my girlfriends and let's just say I loved every waking second of it.

Below are 6 things I learned from sin city and a mini photo diary. Enjoy! xx

1. Sleep is extremely overrated.
2. You then may fall asleep in other places like Cirque du Soleil to catch up.
3. Happy people listen to house music.
4. Rules aren't just bent, they're crazy straw twisted. 
5. Gambling is lighting your money on fire, with hope that the flame won't catch.
6. After four days, you may not want to go home, but your body will have to.

(photo cred: Christina Tac)


  1. The long awaited post! I love SOO many things about this! The pictures, the memories and the photo credit are amazing hahaha! Lets go back!

  2. Youve changed !!!! Vegas gets the best of everyone ... Even you who wouldn't go to "dj parties"

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