May 24, 2012

The Not A Model Travel Kit

travel essentials
When travelling, we all need our own personal kit to arm us for the journey ahead. Below and above are my favourite travel items to get me from one place to the next. Enjoy! xx
  • To Avoid Catastrophizing
    • There is nothing like being a billion feet in the air to make you start thinking of the "worst-case scenario." I'm pretty mellow when it comes to flying, but I always bring distraction materials. A good magazine and my e-reader can usually divert my attention away from the person beside me watching Final Destination 35.
  • To Capture Your Next Great Idea
    • Travelling with a basic notebook and writing utensil is the best way to reflect on your next big creative project or adventure. Sure, you can use your phone's electronic notepad but when else will you get the opportunity to practice your cursive skills? 
  • To Prevent a Raccoon Face
    • I rarely wear any eye makeup on a plane and the rest I keep minimal, if any. I like to touch my face and eyes too much to keep it looking fresh. I remember when a customs officer commented (after noticing my lack of makeup) that my dolled up sister looked like Eva Longoria and I should "really put some blush on." While I was slightly offended (and my sister insisted he was kidding) I don't waffle on this one. Instead, I rely on a good lip balm (currently loving EOS ) and a spritzing toner to keep my skin hydrated (I swear by Caudalie's Beauty Elixir
  • To Tune out Chatty Cathy
    • In movies, the main protagonist (even sans makeup) usually ends up sitting beside George Clooney on a plane ride. In real life, you're more likely to sit beside some sneezing woman or nosy old man who wants to hear your life story. Nothing says "leave me alone" politely like putting on an eye mask and headphones.
  • To Reward Yourself
    • I'm pretty healthy when it comes to snacking but I break my rules when it comes to travelling. When I'm on a plane, I only want peanut M&Ms. (See catastrophizing) Also, a good pair of socks will help keep your feet snug and remind you that home is just another plane ride away.
I'm off to Las Vegas tonight and hope to have some stories to share upon my return! (Hopefully none of them involving marriage). Until then, what are your travel essentials?