May 18, 2012

Brushing for your Bod - The Kit

As the first long-weekend of the summer approaches, it's time for your skin to make its public debut. 

Below is my latest beauty post from The Kit with advice on how to get your smoothest outer layer yet. 

Have a great weekend! xx


There are two types of people that can pull off wearing sparkles on their body: Victoria Secret Angels and vampires from Twilight.

While I’m not either (but probably closer to a vampire, let’s be real) I still desire the type of epidermis that makes strangers on the street consciously have to resist the urge to reach over and touch me. Just when I was about to dump a bunch of gooey shimmer on my skin, my roommate tipped me off to dry brushing.

While dry brushing may seem like an insignificant step to a beauty routine, it actually provides many health benefits. Did you know that dry brushing helps improve overall circulation and flushes toxins?

It also helps to tighten the skin, improve muscle tone and even can help with cellulite. Despite the slight discomfort I felt at first, (rough bristles don’t always feel the greatest) I enjoy watching the mounds of dry skin leap off my body and somersault as they combust in the air, freeing the layer underneath to reveal soft, almost toddler-like skin.I also like how it helps me to reconnect with the present moment after a long day.

With routine brushing, the discomfort is gone and the coconut oil that I apply afterward glides on effortlessly, leaving me feeling like I’m almost ready for my angel wings.