April 9, 2012

Hair on Top

I've decided that I must befriend Beyonce for one very logical reason: we need to talk about our hair.

This past week, Miss B created a social media frenzy by launching a Tumblr of personal photos. I couldn't help but notice a strange resemblance to the beach photos of her natural hair as my own coif does a pretty similar thing when I hit the salt water. My sister (who does not share the same hair genetics as me) found it quite funny when I shared this insight and she created the photo to the right.  

While I know that Beyonce can't give me hair advice, I turn to other curly haired girls. See below for my latest for The Kit. Enjoy! xx

Curly Hair Frizz Fighter

I can’t count the number of mornings I’ve woken up with a halo of frizz from tossing and turning, or arose to squashed lifeless curls matted on my head. It can be frustrating to go to bed with dreams of looking like Venus de Milo and instead wake up looking like Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons.

Recently a fellow curly-haired soul took out a spray bottle in broad daylight and started spritzing her hair. I’m always looking for new solutions to my mane so I immediately gave her the third degree. “What is that?” I asked. She scoffed at my curly haired naivety, and showed me the bottle.

Mist-er Right by Deva Curl, it said. I was intrigued enough that she bought me my own bottle. Despite the witty name, the product is a day-after-ponytail curl saviour. The curl mist has a touch of lavender that helps to refresh the scalp and bring those day old curls back to life when it’s not quite time for a wash.

It can also reactivate products that are already in your hair to bring the bounce back. I always love to mention that this product is also 100% sulfate and paraben free and smells amazing. And here I thought the straight haired girls had all the fun with their fancy dry shampoo.

Now if only I could find the real Mr. Right…


  1. Quite the hair resemblance! And trust me, straight hair is not all that fun (unless you like having only straight hair all the time, then you may enjoy it).