April 23, 2012

Are you a Lippygirl?

While I adore my makeup bag like the next girl, I'm always on the lookout for natural and organic products. While I've changed my skincare routine to reduce my chemical consumption, I find it harder to find natural cosmetics.

I first heard about Lippygirl through Twitter when other tweeters were raving about this natural makeup company. Lippygirl was created by Darcey Diehl, a working mom from Vancouver who developed the line after she started re-evaluating the ingredients in her diet and cosmetics after she got pregnant. After I tweeted about my curiosity, Darcey was kind enough to send me over some samples to review.

Lippygirl's organic lipsticks are made with organic beeswax, natural oils, organic jojoba, grape and castor seed. They are hydrating and creamy (despite the notion that organic products wouldn't be as luxurious) and have some really cute names like "Mother Pucker and Home Wrecker." My favourite these days is the neutral shade aptly titled, "Nudist."

While the price tag may feel a tiny bit more than your drugstore find ($15.50 for one but reduces $2.47 for every three purchased) the knowledge that the products are earth friendly, animal friendly, Canadian and chemical-free are enough to make your lips shout at your wallet.

So check it out for yourself at My puppy Bailey thanks you. He's cute enough without makeup on. xx