March 5, 2012

Not A Model Photo Diary - In my place

I can't believe it's been almost a year since I made my Shawshank escape from the suburbs to the city. This little apartment in the sky has become home and with only a couple of months left on the lease, I'm starting to get nostalgic.

Despite snuggling into my new place rather quickly, I never really made my room special or decorated it properly. We aren't allowed to paint or drill holes anywhere, so I never really took the opportunity to get creative. On the other hand, my roommate Farah's room looks like a boutique hotel complete with crystal lamps, framed artwork and a desk she created with her own hands. I always say that she could have a bright future as an interior decorator and I will gladly sign up as one of her first clients. 

So check out a long overdue Not A Model photo diary. It seems since I switched over to an I-phone, I don't take as many pictures with my SLR camera. It's easy to add a photo to Instagram, but picking up my camera made me realize how much I missed shooting.



  1. The shoe rack I got you makes an appearance! hahaha Going to miss this place too! Lots of fun times here!